To What Extent Is Collectivism Compatible With Capitalism?

There are definite meanings of the concepts of capitalism and socialism. If we talk about socialism, then we come to know that socialism provides specific ownership of the production to the state. On the other hand, if we talk about collectivism, then we come to know that it provides ownership of the production to the individuals and prioritization of the group. Capitalism provides an economic and political system in which trade of a country is controlled by private owners. If you are not able to write an essay, then you can get help from experts of essay writing services. If we compare collectivism with capitalism, then we can conclude that collectivism is compatible with capitalism.

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There are different philosophies are given about collectivism. Some philosophers are agreed that it is a good thing to provide value to individuals. On the other hand, there are also some philosophers which think that socialism is best than collectivism. It is a fact that if we want to support our market and we want to do something for our social welfare, then it is an unavoidable thing to us to promote the concept of collectivism instead of socialism. After applying this concept, it is also easy for the market zealots to get benefits even from the common goods.

If we take an overview of the enterprise of today’s economy, then we come to know that today’s economy is collectivist. That’s why different organizations are elevating the individuality of human beings. On the other hand, if we take an overview of the institutions of the past, then we come to know corporate capitalism was in power. In the support of corporate capitalism, there were many institutions like a monopolistic corporation and the police. The nonprofit charity was also in favour of the corporate corporation. As a result, an individual human being was helpless to get any kind of favour.

After taking an overview of the history, we can conclude that to suspend the concept of collectivism is not a new thing. Moreover, it is also seen that when the individuals are forced to serve a particular group, then we can observe a lot of bad impacts on the economy. All of these things come into oligarchy and there are a lot of nations who consider that oligarchy is cruel and we should get rid of it. After suspending the concept of collectivism, we see that it is difficult for low-income families to feed their children.

Today, in many corporations and organizations, we see that low-wage workers totally rely on the wills of the management. If the management team displaces these workers, it is hard for them to feed their children. Due to this reason, they are forced by the management team to work for the company by showing full loyalty and faith. On the other hand, if we apply the concept of collectivism in an organization or a corporation, then there is no need to force the individual workers to show loyalty with their work. Its reason is that these workers will show loyalty and faith.

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