How Long Are Dissertations

Long DIssertationsAccording to the dictionary, a dissertation is a lengthy scholarly research paper prepared by students during the final year of their studies at the university. The length of the paper mainly depends on the research work being done by the university and its requirements. Although the page number is not as important as the quality of the work, yet students strive hard to write pages and pages about the topic they are given.


In order to compete with the rest of the student, many students make their arguments long and productive filling page after page with written material and images provided by dissertation writing services. The sad truth is that teachers from the universities don’t require such page to page material; their emphasis is mainly on the quality work that is being produced. Dissertation writing involves a lot of white blank pages where only one side of the pages is filled and lines are kept double spaced. Most of the material preferably is kept in the appendices.


In order to determine the length of dissertations, attention should be paid to the requirement of the university i.e. if they have asked for 150 pages and the student only produces a 100 then it would probably indicate that the student has not understood the topic and the meaning of the question. It will appear unfinished and incomplete and more research work would be required to satisfy the teacher.


In order to produce long dissertation, dividing the paper into chapters is very important as it keeps the professors focused to the vast amount of topics being discussed. The pages can be 20 to 30 in length or if very precise and up to the point then it can be even of 10 pages.


The first step with dissertation writing service in dissertation writing process requires a lot of research work. A student will be given a set of topics to select from by their professors in the subject that they studying for their masters or PhD degree. They are then required to select the topic and research on it.


The second step is to create the argument and make points according to which they would be writing their main body of the paper. Keeping the research in mind and what they have learned during the year is very important as it will help in filling up the pages and making the paper long.


The students should also keep the quality and not the quantity in mind as the point of dissertation is to contribute to the academic knowledge and if it is approved then it would be kept in the university’s library. If the paper becomes too long the teacher will fail to develop interest and might turn it back again for modifications and there are chances of rejection too.


Thus, it is very essential to keep the length of the dissertation in mind while writing a dissertation. If it’s too long it might bore the teacher and make them think that irrelevant material has been included and if left short it would make them think limited research work have been done and thus dissertations should be done according to the teacher’s requirements to maintain the right length of the paper.

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